I am

Joshua de Lange

I am a digital creative aspiring to use media, arts and technology to add beauty to the world.

About me

Driven by a deep passion to add beauty to the world around me, I've spend over 6 years working in the non profit sphere, using my experience in media and IT to strengthen a large number of projects in the areas of marketing and organisation.

Recognising the power of storytelling to challenge ourselves with our values and belief systems, I love exploring what stories are relevant to be told in our post-modern society, as well as experimenting with new media as the platform for these narratives.

I love craftsmanship, I am relentless in finding solutions to challenges and I am eager to bring that together for a good cause.


Over the last 7 years I've been involved with everything between consulting projects and leading projects with 20+ people involved.

Stuff I worked on;

I've coded with;


Sometimes I also do freelance projects on the side. I can help at thinking through concepts, putting them into designs and code them up.

Interested in working together? Shoot me a message; joshua.delange@gmail.com

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